University of Pittsburgh

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECE 1192/2192 Introduction to VLSI Design

Professor Steven P. Levitan

Fall 2015 Course Offering

This course will present an introduction to the design and analysis of digital Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) technology using state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) tools.   

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2015 Important information

††††††† Instructor: Professor Steven Levitan

Office 218 C Benedum Hall

Phone 412-648-9663

††††††† TA: Joydeep Rakshit

Book (note 4th edition):

CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective (4th Edition) Mar 11, 2010 by Neil Weste and David Harris

2015 Syllabus and Course Schedule

2008 Syllabus

2008 Revised Course Schedule


2008 Lecture Material (using Weste and Harris):

         Lecture 0

         Lecture 2

         Lecture 3

         Lecture 4 (Note: Also see Chapter 5 from 2006)

         Lecture 7 (Spice Notes)

2008 Laboratory Material:

Lab Report Notes

Lab 1

Lab 2

Lab 3

Lab 4

Lab 5

Lab 6

Lab 7

Lab 8

Lab 9

Lab 10

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o    Design And Reuse, IP, Core, System-On-Chip

o    TimberWolf Place and Route

o    SPICE 3 Overview

o    Spice32

o    Poly FET parameter Files


         Pitt Tutorial 1: Virtuoso 6.1.2 Analog Artist with Spectre and the 1.6 (beta) CDK from NCSU

         Pitt Tutorial 2: Generating Transistor I-V Curves with Spectre

         Pitt Tutorial 3: Runing Spice/Spectre directly

         Pitt Tutorial 4: Virtuoso XL Layout

         Pitt Tutorial 4A: Using Piecewise Linear Files for Testing

         Pitt Tutorial 4B: Using Spectre for Parametric Analysis of Flip-Flop Timing

         Pitt Tutorial 5N: Synthesis with Synopsys Design Compiler and Cadence Encounter

         Pitt Tutorial 6: Simulation with Modelsim

         Pitt Tutorial 7: Layout Generation and Extraction Notes for NCSU/OSU 45nm FreePDK

         Pitt Tutorial 9: Macro Cell Abstraction

         Pitt Tutorial 10; Macro Cell Synthesis, Place and Route

o    NCSU VLSI Wiki







2006 Lecture Material (using Rabaey's Book):

2006 Lab Material (Max and Sue):